A small Japanese interisland cargo ship capsized after colliding with a Greek-managed containership while transiting the busy Kii Channel in southeastern Japan. The Japanese Coast Guard is reporting that three crewmembers were rescued and transported to a hospital with non-life threatening injuries, while a search is ongoing for two missing crewmembers.

The Liberian-flagged containership Contship Uno (13,834 dwt) radioed the Coast Guard shortly before midnight on August 24 reporting that it had been in a collision with another vessel. The location was reported as approximately nine miles offshore in the eastern Wakayama Prefect near Hidaka.

The Japan Coast Guard reports when its teams arrived, they found the Izumi Maru (1,651 dwt) overturned. Only a small portion of the 248-foot hull bottom remains above water, but the vessel has not sunk. The ship which was built in 2006 is operated by Izumi Kaiun of Tokyo who reports the vessel had loaded a cargo of scrap metal. It had departed Funabshi in Chiba Prefect on August 22 and was sailing into the Seto Inland Sea.

Six patrol boats from the Japanese Coast Guard and a helicopter are involved in the search. Images show divers entering the water at daylight and searching the area around the overturned cargo ship.  The Japanese media reports the captain and the first officer are missing.

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