Who we are

SHERAA has extensive commercial and technical experience on a variety of ships:

Bulk Carriers, Container Vessels, Livestock Carriers, General Cargo Ships, Product Tankers, Chemical Carriers, RO-RO, Passengers Ferries, Supply tugs, DSV, and DP Ships are all examples of cargo ships.


  • SHERAA  Ship Trading & Transport , accepts the challenge of managing the older tonnage since we have a highly qualified and experienced team that can handle all sorts of ships.
  • Sheraa intends to establish an active vessel monitoring system for the benefit of technical superintendents and vessel owners, which would transparently give owners with constant information on their vessel’s status.
  • Sheraa takes the challenge of handling the older tonnage because we have the manpower and competence to handle such ships.
  • Sheraa has a superintendent to ship ratio of one to three.
  • Sheraa provides specialized insurance brokerage and claims consulting services to clients all over the world.
  • Sheraa is able to use key contacts in the London and international insurance markets for the advantage of our clients, and we are happy to be able to achieve the best and most cost-effective solutions for the demands of our increasing client portfolio.

What we do

  • Commercial Ship Management
  • Technical Ship Management
  • Freight Forwarding (Containers, General, Heavy Lift, and Specialized Cargoes)

  • Time & Voyage Charter services

  • Marine Insurance and Claim Handling

  • Ship & Cargo Survey
  • Ship Inspection and Valuation

  • Business Consulting
  • Feasibility Study & Business Development
  • Ship Owning
  • Transport & Trading


SHERAA specialized commercial ship management team charters, operates and determines the best route and strategy to the maximize revenue and minimize costs for ship owners.

The operations team is highly trained and efficient with vast experience, capable of dealing with situation that may arise promptly and efficiently.

The team functions at high levels of efficiency and ensures safe handling of all types of tonnage by maintaining constant communication with ship charters, brokers, port agents, and bunker suppliers, providing detailed voyage instructions with careful consideration given to commercial and technical requirements.

Technical Management comprises all of the services that maximize a vessel’s operational efficiency and physical condition throughout its working life in accordance with the needs of industry regulations, our ship owning customers, and our customers’ customers.

These services include the management of dry dockings and major repairs, purchasing, vessel inspection, and budget control.

A rigorous approach to safety, security, and environmental protection underpins service delivery.

(Sheraa) is the major brand for technical management, with people ashore and at sea delivering expertise and experience for most cargo vessel types via a global network. Sheraa SMS guarantees that high operational standards are maintained on managed vessels.

Crew Management comprises a wide variety of tasks that include the recruiting and selection of officers and ratings, deployment, training, and ongoing management of officers and ratings on vessels under full management or crew management contracts.

Sheraa provides these services to a wide range of cargo boats. These services are managed by a professional team of Jordanians.

Sheraa manages information relevant to the employment of seafarers in accordance with national and international regulations, as well as the special demands of ship-owning clients.

SHERAA relies on its extensive and long-standing experience to guarantee that each vessel is run professionally and affordably, while customers are given the greatest professional services and sensible shipping options. Wet, dry, and specialized vessel types are used by SHERAA’s several shipping lines to transport a large number of commodities each year.

SHERAA operations currently span the Mediterranean, Red Sea, Arabian Gulf, SEA, subcontinent, and west Africa, and they are skilled at transporting bulk, steel pipe shipments, containerized, RoRo, and heavy lift cargoes.

The SHERAA team has experience managing specialized contacts where careful attention to detail and extensive preparation are put in place to achieve the client’s business objectives.

SHERAA services extend to satisfy worldwide bulk and bagged transportation requirements.

The skills the SHERAA team has developed since its founding.

The Safety, Environment, and Risk (SER) team provides experience and advice to asset owners in the marine sectors listed below:

Using risk and cost benefit analysis, the (SER) team employs the Formal Safety Assessment (FSA) methodology to give an organized and systematic approach to strengthening safety, including the protection of life, the health of people, and assets.

Formal safety cases are used by asset owners who operate globally and interface with many different legal jurisdictions to ensure that safety management is treated explicitly.

Prepares safety cases in accordance with international standards.

  • SHERAA offers clients cost-effective ship broking services for dry cargo and tankers that include: – Counsel on how to create and improve a chartering strategy. SHERAA has a wide network of contacts in the industry.
  • Tracking down and calculating the best job opportunity for any given vessel.
  • Locating the ideal vessel or fleet of vessels to meet a particular chartering need.
  • Help with contract negotiations and support for charter party agreements.
  • Informing the vessel’s master of the terms of the charter party.
  • Hiring and maintaining communication with port agents.
  • Monitoring the vessel to make sure the agreements of the charter party are followed.
  • Calculations for demurrage and dispatch.
  • Support for business growth.
  • Complete post-fixture and account tracking.
  • Comprehensive reporting and analysis of voyage results.

SHERAA offers expertise and a wide range of relationships to help both established businesses and new entrants find tonnage.

Since its founding, SHERAA ship brokers have been experts in managing virtually any dry or wet cargo.

SHERAA brokers can correctly assess customer needs through a global network and, if their own fleet is not sufficient, can charter a vessel from another renowned and trustworthy operator. The in-house ship brokers at SHERAA are skilled in managing time charters for extended periods of time as well as short-term, spot, and contracts of affreightment.

SHERAA handles a variety of bulk, containerized, bagged, and other forms of goods for a number of top international trade companies. High levels of operational dependability, modern management methods, technology, and tools are used in the services that the company offers to its customers.  

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